Taylor Redline SRV

Redline SRVFollowing on from the incredible success of the Redline SR comes the new SRV

The SRV comes with the same flat crescent grip but with all new attractive cosmetic graphics. The bias has been refined to deliver a marginally flatter finish so it still holds to the target, whilst not effecting the bowls wind stability.

Price - $795.00 


Taylor Blueline

BluelineThe Blueline is specifically designed for bowlers that prefer a bowl that has a slightly wider line than the Redline SR. It is designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand greens(including artificial greens). This bowl is tighter than the old Vector VS but wider than the Redline SR and takes a much more even line the the old Vector VS.

Price - Black $750.00 and coloured $795.00



Every AeroBowl is table tested to World Bowls standards right before it's packed and shipped to you.

An AeroBowl when placed into our state of the art machine is made into a complete bowl including grips, logos, rings, and has a finely honed finish without the bowl ever moving until completion.

Price - $660.00 plus courier fee

Henselite Dreamline XG

Dreamline XG

Following the enormous success of the Henselite Dreamline bowl since its introduction almost a decade ago, we are proud to introduce the next generation.... the Dreamline XG.

At Henselite we feel we have made a great bowl, even better. The Dreamline XG is a superb all-round bowl. The key to its success is its density which creates maximum stability without compromising its comfort in the hand. This enhanced stability and its predictable line make it so versatile, it's at home on all surfaces from North to South and East to West, even in the windiest of conditions.

The Dreamlin XG is characterised by a constant arc with a holding finish to the head. It provides the ultimate in comfort, stability and consistency for all bowlers from social to competitive and elite level.

Price - Black-$650.00, Black-Green speckled, $700.00
White-Green Black speckled $750.00

Henselite Alpha


ALPHA is a full fit bowl with a unique non-slip grip to provide bowlers with superior hand comfort. Comfort in the hand is a major factor in achieving consistent performance.

ALPHA has been tried and tested on all types of surfaces and in all conditions by Australia’s leading bowlers with consistent glowing reports. The steady curved arc and flat finish to the jack are a feature of ALPHA.

ALPHA has a holding line for ‘on-shots’ and an even draw to the jack, especially for dead draws, allowing it to perform to perfection on weighted shots. A combination of precision engineering and advanced design has given the Alpha its superior stability in windy conditions.

“After trying it on all surfaces and under all conditions on the Gold Coast, indoor and out, from 13 to 17 seconds under both windy and still conditions…I was so impressed that I asked Henselite to get me a set immediately!” says Nathan Rice, Commonwealth Games Medallist. “I believe whatever position you play, whether it be, Lead, Second, Third or Skip, Singles, Pairs, Triples or 4’s, you’ll find that you’ll use less weight as ALPHA stands up more and that means you’ll have more bowls in the head.” he continued.

ALPHA is also very competitively priced with the new ALPHA Galaxy Series Speckles breaking the coloured bowls price barrier. Another first with ALPHA.

Price Coloured $795.00 Black $675.00