Hunter 860

Hunter860Product Information

Price $179.00

Supersmooth wheels, Reinforced Shoulder Strap and an Extra long handlew for taller people.

1 x removable Accessories BagTwo x 2-bowl bags
Lots of pockets and separate compartments

Extra space for shoes and rainwear

In Stock-Black , Blue,Green,Burgundy,Colbolt




Product Information

Price $135.00

The ALL NEW ProBowler Bag features a purpose made moulded base that does not touch the ground. Extremely strong and very lightweight while eliminating fraying together with special straps to hold the two bowls bags in place. The all new ProBowler is completely redesigned and is slighly larger than the previous model. Newly designed fixings prevent the bag collapsing inwards
making it a breeze to carry and together with the new padded shoulder straps similar to that found on golf bags sore shoulders
are a thing of the past.

The new moulded ,very strong and lightweight base with straps for
the two bowls bags will keep your bag looking good for years.. the
base never touches the ground.

Simply unzip the two bowls bag on the green and you are ready to play,
no more the chance of damaging ones bowls between the bank and green.

Storage in the probowler is huge,with front, sides and top pockets,extra
large and very tough zips,a UV 20 and waterproof cover together with top
quality 800 denier rip stop material it is the best carry bag we have ever made. Colours - Maroon /Grey Silver

LX UltraGlide


lx ultraglide

This is a purpose made Bowls Bag and not a converted suitcase.It has more clever and useful features than any other bag on wheels. From the extra length handle to the extra large zips.

Price $195.00

Product Information 

Re-Defining the Bowls Bags on wheels

The Ultraglide Bowls bag is a total evolution when it comes to bowls bags on wheels. Literally years ahead of our opposition we have taken over two yearsto develop them. Designed for durability and balance they will carry your bowls and equipment on their large rubber wheels for many years.

The perfect sized bag for everyday use

The extra wide base means the bag is extremely difficult to turn over when wheeling it and you'll find It is the easiest bowls bag to lift or wheel behind or in front of you due to it's near perfect centre of gravity. The Ultraglide is the perfect sized bag for everyday use. It has a storage area for everything you'll require on the bowls green including a storage compartment for clothing. Easy to unzip, your contents will not fall out due to some intelligent design.Fits easily into a locker and protected from scuffing the bag will remain in good condition for years to come.

The ComfitPro Difference - 2 Custom designed two Bowls Bags

The real ComfitPro difference is the way we have designed the bag to hold your bowls… 2 two bowl bags are located in the bottom section.One’s bowls are held securely in this compartment leaving one the choice of wheeling the Ultraglide to the green or simply carrying a two bowl bag that has a handle as well as a name holder for convenience. 

Available in Maroon,

UltraGlide CX


ultraglide cxPrice $165.00

Product Information

2012 sees the introduction of our Ultraglide CX bag; a superb looking bowls bag that fits easily into 99% of lockers. We developed a moulded base for strength and lightness.

Complete with 2 Bowls Bags, extra strong pull handle, water and tear resistant high quality fabric, the CX is extremely good value.

Our CX bag is an all new small bag on wheels – streets ahead of the ‘roll a bowl’ or other similar type bags. Made from 800 denier rip-stop material, complete with 2 x 2 bowl bags that you take onto the green, turn upside down and presto, your bowls are ready to play. No more risk of dropping them on a concrete path.

Developed in the factory that also make Samsonite Bags is our new molded base. Super strong, super light and will not scuff as it is away from the ground.

The CX has ample pockets for bits and pieces and jackets, pullovers etc.Our carry handle is fated to 25kgs, while all stitching undergoes stress testing.

The CX is the same quality bag as the larger LX.

Maroon,Sky Blue,Dusk or Grey


Starlet Ladies Bowls Handbag

starlet Ladies Bowls Handbag

A quality ladies handbag made in an easy care waterproof material.
Price $25.00

Product Information

The bag has 6 compartments for your purse, measure, sunglasses, mobile phone etc, as well as having a zipped compartment on the outside. It can be carried over the shoulder or hand held. Thousands sold in the last 6 months 


Roll a Bowls Plat

Bag Roll A Bowl PlatPrice $125.00

Product Information

 This is the orginal Roll-A-Bowl bag. Guranteed to fit inside your locker, with rollerbalde wheels the RAB is lightweight and has a push button handle. Roll-A-Bowl from from your car to the green!

Henselite Bowls Bag Model Sports 

Model sports

Product Information

Price $195.00

Provides easy access to bowls with unique end openings

Large, easily accessible central storage area for jumpers, jackets and shoes
Ample room for on green accessories in two side pockets 
Handy front pocket with separate compartments for phones, pens and scorecards
Padded shoulder strap and carry handle reinforced to carry at least 10kg
Comfortable padded handles
Large easy-grip zip pulls with snag-free, robust zips

Henselite Bowls Bag Model H557 


Black Grey H557Product Information

Price $120.00

Four bowl compartment
Ample room for accessories
Large upper section for clothing and shoes
Handy pockets for small items
Water bottle holder
Handles reinforced to carry at least 10kg
Large easy-grip zip pulls with snag-free, robust zips
Sturdy frame to increase the life of the bag

                  Black/Grey        Blue/Gray       Yellow/Gray